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   Radium Weed or Petty Spurge    |    Euphorbia peplus             Euphorbacea


SeedlingRadium Weed is a much maligned little plant, it has a reputation as a weed, which is probably only because it self seeds so freely and easily.

If kept within a contained area, Radium Weed's usefulness is consistent.

It will grow in a wide range of soil types but does best where the ground does not dry out completely.

It grows to around 30cm in height and can make an attractive, discreet border.

Do not fuss over it and plant the seed where you want it to grow, indefinitely.


We have not been able to dry or extract the therapeutic sap and only ever use the plant 'fresh'. Recent 'rediscovery' of the therapeutic value of the plant comes as no surprise as it has hundreds of years of practical herbal use to it's credit.





Full FlowerWe urge you to research the herb well before attempting to use it. Most herbal texts refer to it by it's botanical name.  

This is one of those remedies that is passed down from Grandparents.

Usually, because they are the ones that are troubled by 'sun spots, warts and skin irritations' the most.


We use the milky sap from the live Radium Weed plant, carefully daubed on a sun spot and allowed to dry.

This has worked for us consistently over the years.

Care must be used not to allow the sap onto unaffected skin or anywhere near the eyes.


Consumption of the plant is also not advisable at all, or it's other common name of 'spurge' becomes evident.


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