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    New Guinea Bean    |        Lagenaria siceraria                      CUCURBITACEAE

Fully grown


Well, just like the Jerusalem Artichoke is neither from Jerusalem nor an Artichoke; the New Guinea Bean is really an edible gourd that is not a New Guinea native.

This is a climber that needs some heavy duty support.

The fruit grows to well over a metre in length but, if you intend to eat it, then 30 - 40 cms is all you want it grow to.

Sliced and steamed, peeled or not, added to pasta for a slow cook it is really quite delicious.

We have not really found that the taste resembles a bean but others do.

It grows best when there is heat and humidity and we can only grow it in summer in South East Queensland, but it does continue on, into Autumn.

A sturdy 2 -3 metre frame is necessary if you want the fruit to be as straight as possible.

It needs no more nutrient than any other vegy but it does not like to dry out.